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About the company

AdShot Creative - is a creative full-service studio. We create and embody ideas.

Creative idea for us is a certain approach to life and a certain look at ordinary things, creativity is as the ability to see the same things like others do, but to think differently.

Therefore, whatever product we create (advertising campaign, PR campaign, BTL activity) has its own specificity and specialization.

We specialize in three directions:
- Creative ideas: integrated advertising campaigns, promotional visuals, multi-level DM communications, package design, design brand book
- Video Production (Production) and Post Production: storyboards, animatics, promotional b-roll  shooting, presentations, training and corporate films production, object photography, posed photography, 2D- 3D graphics editing, motion graphics, compositing, color correction, tracking
- Digital: web development, Flash videos, games, PR in the Internet

AdShot Creative – creative idea that shoots!